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  1. Cesar 2 02UTC diciembre 02UTC 2015

    Hi Mitch, nice post.I don’t want to take away from your tips, however I find that just grneeally being social on IG works wonders. I have just hit 1400 followers, with 196 photos. But I only follow 17 people (and I don’t do the follow/unfollow thing).When I first started IG I posted a new photo like every 6 hours. But then when you can’t upload the next one because of sleep/work, it becomes a nightmare. Plus this looks VERY needy. I now only post a new photo after a minimum of 22 hours. This could be too long but works for me.Another tip: Utilise the maximum 30 hash tags, you are allowed 30, so use them!Another tip: (sounds contradictory), dont use all 30 at once! Use 15 at time of publish. Then once the hype has died down (after 10 hours), post another 15 tags it’s effectively 2 lives for your photo!Take photos of ANYTHING, as long as its interesting and not just spam, do it! My most liked photo has (right now) 471 likes. What is the photo? It’s a fly. It’s even slightly out of focus. But it has a green back . Hmm.Also if you like the ease of a bot, try Instaautomator , it’s an online program (no downloading) that you can get to like the 20 most recent photos for a tag of your choice. It also has the ability to follow people automatically, though I’ve not used this, I think it would do my head in with regards to the news feed lol.Also post editing comes in handy (and I don’t mean those IG filters!), I use Snapseed more often than not, and on the odd occasion I use PicFX but I only really use that for the black & white options

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